“Lines, color and light rule my world to tell my story.” ~JG

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Spiral Dance Bracelet
Spiral Dance Bracelet
Spiral Dance Bracelet

Spiral Dance Bracelet

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The technique cloisonne enamel makes up the spiral portion of this bracelet. It entails carefully bending pure silver ribbons of wire and fusing them to a pure silver surface with clear enamel. The following layers of enamel are colored and can take 10 to 35 firings in a kiln depending on complexity of the design. 24 karat gold and pure silver foils are fired into the layers to create a shimmering effect. After all the firings are complete the enamel jewel is sanded down so the wires are flush to the glass. The next step is the enamel jewel is sanded to a high polish, which gives a gorgeous effect of depth and translucency to the glass enamel.  

The technique is quite labor intensive but the results are a magical beautiful piece of finely handcrafted jewelry.

The bracelet is enamel, white Topaz and sterling silver.  

The chain is all handmade and measures 7 and 7/8” end to end. 

*The bracelet is adjustable and can be clasped at any link.