“Lines, color and light rule my world to tell my story.” ~JG

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Fine art enamel jewelryis created through the process of combining 24k gold or pure silver wire with finely ground enamels over a canvas of pure silver. The consistency of the enamel is that of powdered sugar.



The cloisonne enamel jewel goes through subsequent firings after the placement of ribbons of wiring form a picture. Layers of enamels are applied in the wire cells. Applications of glass enamel in the cells can range from 10-35 times until the enamel reaches the height of the wiring. 

Once the final firing is complete meaning the enamel has reached the height of the wires, the enamel jewel is sanded and polished until the ribbons of wire are flush to the glass enamel. 


Finally, the cloisonne enamel jewel is set in unique jewelry designs of sterling silver, gold and precious stones.